Region 4 Poison Control Center Collaboration


The goals of the SRDRS R4P3C are to increase the surge capacity and enhance the capability of Region IV poison control centers in providing technical and clinical consultation to medical providers, public health, emergency management and the public, during and after chemical disasters. 

R4PC3 Map

R4PC3 Participants


  • Increase the surge capacity of individual Region IV poison control centers when faced with an increase demand for services during or after a chemical or radiological disaster 
  • Increase the technical abilities of individual Region IV poison control centers when faced with complex clinical triage, diagnostic or management questions 
  • Develop and adopt clinical triage and management guidelines for major chemical emergencies (I.e., nerve agents, sulfur mustard, cyanide, irritant chemicals, and fentalogues) 
  • Facilitate the localization of specific antidotes across Region IV 
  • Increase the region IV capacity in supporting the training and planning needs of state public health, emergency management agencies and healthcare organizations for chemical emergencies 

Governance and Meeting Rhythm

Every poison center in Region IV will appoint a clinical toxicologist representative on the R4P3C executive committee (EC). The Georgia Poison Center will coordinate the management of the executive committee. The EC will meet on a bimonthly basis remotely. 

Name:  Alabama Poison Information Center

City: Birmingham

Medical Director: William Rushton

Director(s): Ann Slattery, LaDonna Gaines (Manager)

Name:  Florida Poison Information Center - Miami

City: Miami

Medical Director:Jeffrey N. Bernstein

Director(s):Richard S. Weisman


Name:  Florida Poison Information Center - Jacksonville

City: Jacksonville

Medical Director:Soohia Sheikh

Director(s): Dawn Sollee, Jay L. Schauben (Division Director)


Name:  Florida Poison Information Center - Tampa

City: Tampa

Medical Director:Justin Arnold

Director(s):Ally Funk

Name:  Georgia Poison Center

City: Atlanta

Medical Director:Robert Geller

Director(s):Gaylord Lopez,Ziad Kazzi (Assistant Medical Director)

Name:  Kentucky Poison Control Center of Norton Children's Hospital

City: Lexington

Medical Director:Peter Akpunonu

Director(s):Ashley N. Webb

Name:  Mississippi Poison Control Center

City: Jackson

Medical Director:Bret Marlin

Director(s):Jenna Davis

Name:  North Carolina Poison Center

City: Charlotte

Medical Director:Michael Beuhler

Director(s):Rebecca Rembert

Name:  Palmetto Poison Center

City: Columbia

Medical Director: William Richardson

Director(s):Jill Michels

Name:  Tennessee Poison Center

City: Nashville

Medical Director:Rebecca Bruccoleri

Director(s):Nena Bowman