Tele-EMS Collaboration

Utilizing the Emory Rural Tele-EMS Network (ER TEMS) as a model, the SRDRS team is in the process of developing a similar initiative with a specific focus on disaster preparedness and response. During Q3, SRDRS identified and conducted onboarding meetings with three different EMS agencies which collectively serve as the designated 911 provider for nine Georgia counties in five different Healthcare Coalition Regions.

With the addition of these EMS agencies, SRDRS Tele-EMS partners will be the primary responder serving over 1.5 million residents in urban, suburban, and rural settings as well as providing EMS coverage to numerous large, high-profile special events throughout the year such as the Atlanta Braves Baseball games, concerts, parades, road races and all University of Georgia athletic events and public ceremonies.

Due to the increased potential for large special events to become mass casualty incidents because of severe weather, accidents, or acts of violence, SRDRS specifically targeted these EMS agencies to enhance the surge capacity at these venues. A memorandum of understanding has been developed and approved and will be executed with all the SRDRS EMS partners early in Q4 and the equipment installation for nine ambulances and training for all EMS personnel will immediately follow.

The EMS agencies that are partnering with SRDRS are Metro Atlanta Ambulance Service, National EMS, and Lincoln County EMS. With this anticipated onboarding of new agencies, Emory’s tele-EMS program will have a footprint in 8 of the 14 regions that make up the Georgia regional coordinating hospital(RCH) infrastructure. Although the geographical maps differ between the EMS regions and HCC/RCH regions.