Tele-Critical Care

Hospitals in rural Georgia are limited in their ability to care for patients with emergency conditions due to a lack of resources and as a result patient in rural areas often experience poorer health outcomes for the same conditions than residents in suburban and urban areas of our state. The Virtual Care Telemedicine Network Tele-Critical Care program has the ability to care for rural Georgians by increasing the level of complex care that can be provided at a rural hospital, thus reducing leakage and transfers to tertiary care hospitals. To date, 3381 Tele-CC patients have been treated, resulting in 11,245 encounters and an average length of stay in the telemedicine program of 3.91 days. Of the patients seen, approximately 29% have been transferred, keeping over 70% of the patients in their county hospital. The result of this service has been to improve our region's capability and capacity. AUMC continues to recruit and onboard new hospitals as well as engage existing hospitals for increased participation.  

Tele-Critical Care Network Map