Emory University has established the Emory Rural Tele-EMS Network (ER-TEMS). The ER-TEMS network is the collaboration of a large tertiary healthcare system (Emory Healthcare) with a statewide EMS agency (Grady EMS) and over 35 rural hospitals throughout the state of Georgia.  

Tele Ems Doctor Setup
ER-TEMS currently connects an Emergency Physician with rural EMS crews and critical patients throughout 14 counties of Georgia including Baldwin, Ben Hill, Brooks, Clay, Cook, Decatur, Hancock, McIntosh, Mitchell, Pierce, Quitman, Randolph, Seminole, and Worth counties. ER-TEMS enhances early access to specialty care for patients with long transport times to the closest hospital. 

We aim to incorporate ER-TEMS into the SRDRS by utilizing the existing rural infrastructure and by expanding to uncovered hospital coordinating regions throughout the state.  Tele-Emergency physicians will complete virtual evaluations and recommend treatment plans at the point of patient contact.  The audiovisual software installed on each region’s ambulance can also be used for non-clinical support, such as providing consultation to incident commanders at the scene of a disaster. 


Implementation of this telehealth network in partnership with rural EMS agencies will increase capacity for evidence-based coordinated response and care of patients in rural settings. ER-TEMS and the SRDRS aims to engage EMS, health system, public health and public safety partners to achieve this goal.   

ER-TEMS currently covers 6 out of the 14 Georgia Hospital Coordinating Center Regions.  The SRDRS is working to expand the tele-EMS network by engaging new partners so that this capability is available in each of the 14 GA HCC regions

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